Protecting Your Rights in Construction Disputes

Construction projects in Northern California involve detailed planning, multilayered contracts and strict attention to building codes, but unfortunately they don’t come with a blueprint for handling conflicts and contract disputes.

Too often, disagreements about the scope of a contract, financing concerns and concerns about the quality of work being performed can bring progress on a construction site to a halt. If you need to resolve an issue concerning construction defects or professional negligence, you need an experienced attorney who understands not only tort law and construction law, but also construction materials, processes and techniques.

At the law firm of Vincent M. Spohn, P.C., our knowledge and experience, combined with a practical understanding of the realities of construction, helps us to protect your rights and interests. We have represented individuals and businesses in numerous construction dispute cases, including:

  • Construction contract disputes
  • Mechanic liens
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Real estate litigation and others

To discuss your case in an informative consultation with a skilled construction lawyer, please contact us today.

Work With an Attorney Who Understands Construction

Attorney Vincent M. Spohn has construction litigation experience that few other lawyers in the Napa Valley have. As a former Napa County Planning Commission chairman, Attorney Spohn truly speaks the language when it comes to construction litigation. He is often hired as an expert witness in construction defect and land use planning cases, and as a trial attorney with over 29 years of experience, works aggressively to protect the interests of plaintiff and defendant clients at all stages of the construction process.

At the firm of Vincent M. Spohn, P.C., we represent developers, contractors, homeowners and others in financing and insurance disputes, professional negligence claims and breaches of contract cases. We conduct litigation in construction defect cases ranging from single-family homes to large, multimillion dollar commercial projects. Comfortable on the construction site and in the court room, we have the skill and experience needed to manage litigation involving multiple party claims, cross-claims, counterclaims, and joinder of parties.

In the Napa Valley and the Bay Area, the law firm of Vincent M. Spohn, P.C. can provide knowledgeable and informed legal advice to help you resolve your construction dispute and protect your rights and interests.

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