Civil Rights Litigation

Protecting the Rights of Ordinary Citizens

Most police officers, BART security officers and other government officials have one goal: To protect and serve ordinary citizens. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes are made or officers break the rules. The result: Civil rights are violated. Those same innocent citizens are hurt, sometimes killed.

When compared to an accident and injury claim, civil rights cases are often much more likely to go to trial. There are also additional legal complexities involved. Your best interests may be served by consulting a respected trial lawyer with extensive experience in the litigation of complex, high-profile cases. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Standing Up Against Police Abuse, Fighting for Your Civil Rights

At the law offices of Vincent M. Spohn, P.C., we handle civil rights litigation on behalf of clients who have suffered any of the following:

  • Police brutality or the use of excessive force resulting in injury or death
  • Police misconduct, including sexual harassment or abuse
  • Police negligence, such as the failure to provide proper medical care or to exercise proper precautions to prevent suicide while in custody
  • False arrest or any other violation of constitutionally protected civil rights

Not every unfortunate incident or instance of seemingly unfair treatment by police rises to the level of a civil rights case. But if you believe your rights were violated - especially if you or a loved one suffered serious personal injury at the hands of police officers or while in police custody - we want to hear about it.

Attorney Vincent M. Spohn has over 29 years of trial experience and brings a high level of professionalism and personal dedication to the representation of clients in civil rights cases. Our firm's experience and track record of success in protecting citizens who have suffered at the hands of corporations and government officials translates into strength, efficiency and sound legal council for clients whose civil rights may have been violated.

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