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In employment law disputes, both parties can feel disadvantaged. The workers can feel like the employers have all the power and resources to do whatever they want and get away with it. Conversely, employers can feel like all of the laws and regulations are set up to protect employees. In truth, both employers and employees have rights and limitations under the law.

At The Law Offices of Vincent M. Spohn, A.P.C., we are here to defend your rights and interests. With more than 33 years of litigation experience, Napa employment law lawyer Vincent M. Spohn provides sound legal counsel and aggressive, strategic representation in a range of employment law matters.


The most common employment law cases we handle involve discrimination in one form or another. Employment discrimination can manifest itself in the form of wrongful termination, refusal to hire, limitation on advancement opportunities and other violations of workers' rights.

At The Law Offices of Vincent M. Spohn, A.P.C., we represent clients who have experienced employment discrimination based on their:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religious beliefs
  • Sexual orientation
  • Physical disabilities
  • Age

We also represent "whistleblowers" who have experienced retaliation from their employers. When a worker alerts the authorities of illegal activity on the part of the employer, the employer cannot legally retaliate by docking pay, firing or doing anything else to limit the person who alerted the authorities.

Sexual Discrimination

We also represent clients in claims involving sexual discrimination. Sexual discrimination usually comes in the form of either hostile working environments or quid pro quo. The hostile working environment exists when managers or co-workers use crude language, sexually suggestive emails or other sexually charged communications that make the employer feel uncomfortable. Quid pro quo is when a boss or someone else in authority offers career benefits in exchange for sexual activity.

We have a wealth of experience in a range of discrimination, sexual harassment and other employment law claims.

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